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Recruit Assist


Recruit-Assist is a candidate-centric Applicant Tracking System and a Recruiting Software Solutions that streamlines the entire hiring process with increasing hiring rate and efficiency.

Easy Job Handling:

User/Hiring Manage can add job quickly, assign and change recruiter within few clicks. Only focus on candidates submitted on his job only, helps in easy handling. That’s a huge time saver.

Recruiter Friendly:

Recruiter insert candidate details rapidly, search right candidate based on finest search algorithm and submit for a specific job. Tool provides on time notification on each recruiting cycle.

Powerful Algorithm:

Our powerful search algorithm finds best matches from our database quickly, helps you focus on the most qualified candidates while filtering out the less qualified.

Hire with Intelligence:

Recruit-Assist has built-in automated intelligence across the candidate journey to help you find the best interview times quickly, screen and rank candidates automatically, forecast time-to-fill, and more so that you can make better decisions, save time, and close hires more quickly.

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